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Deep Dive into SB 727

Check out more details on the blog at downloadable flyer you can share is there along with links to the bill, and a letter from a Missouri attorn...

Goliath's Sons, Elections & Education

Check out the website & the blog for more info!  JodiGrace.comRegister to vote on the Secretary of State website & share the link with your friends and family.  It's e...

Gold & Silver Currency w/Patrick Holland

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Happy Purim & Protecting MO's Private Schools

Check out more information on the blog at JodiGrace Ministries!Be sure to plan on coming to Jefferson City for the Call to the Capitols!

Senator Jill Carter on SB 814 - True Education Freedom

Please support SB 814 by using your voice and asking for it to be called out of committee and onto the senate floor.Senator Curtis Trent, committee chair       curtis....

County Caucuses & DESE Data Mining

Check out the blog for more details, links and resources.

Senate Passes Ratification Reform & Intro to Her Voice

Please subscribe to the blog for more information!   I'll be posting more details and resources about Her Voice, the April 13th event and our ratification process in t...

Church Apathy, The Constitution & Education Reform

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Holy Spirit Battle Plans & The Fight For Missouri's Constitution

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Game Changing Strategy & Update on Protecting the Mo Constitution

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Peace of God, Palestinian Protestors & Missouri's Water

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Walking With Him & Pushing Back Globalism

Please check out the presentation on the blog at!Listen to the senate debate live on the floor HERE.

Senator Bill Eigel on the Battle to Protect Missouri's Constitution

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Pharisees, IP Policy & Primaries

More information & links on the blog! GOP - Pre-register for Republican CaucusFind Your Caucus

It's a WIN!

Photos, videos, links & more on the blog!

Filibustering to Protect the Constitution

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Senate Leadership Needs to Go

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Ready for Full Term Abortion in Missouri??

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Freedom Caucus Stands to Speak & The Pelosi Caucus Adjourns

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January 17: Win With Senate Rules & The Watch List

Check out the website and blog at!Please subscribe so you don't miss anything.  Things will be fast & furious from now through mid-May so stay up to ...

2024 Senate Rules Changes

Please check out the BLOG for the details on the Pelosi style legislation that happens daily in Jefferson City and a downloadable PDF if you need contact information f...

Holy Spirit, The Gathering & Private Schools

Scripture Reference - 2 Cor 13:14Register for The Gathering - JodiGrace.comPrivate school & homeschool laws in Missouri - Missouri Regulations (pg 154)

Overcoming By The Blood of the Lamb & The Word of My Testimony

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and follow us on the blog & social media as well.  You can find all the links on ReferencesJohn 16:7-13John...

Jodi Grace Ministries Purpose

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Homeschooling, Public School & HB 447's Health Class

Learn more about Jodi Grace on the blog at

New Health & Family Education for Missouri High Schools

More details on the blog at  Click category "HB447".HB 447 can be found here.  See page 1 & 2 for the Health & Family Ed language.WSCC model video on CD...

Raising Fees for MO Businesses w/Lisa Pannett

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Privant Gifts & Grants with Lisa Pannett

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Missouri Representative Bill Hardwick

Bill Hardwick for MissouriJodi Grace Blog

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