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Homeschooling, Public School & HB 447's Health Class

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New Health & Family Education for Missouri High Schools

More details on the blog at  Click category "HB447".HB 447 can be found here.  See page 1 & 2 for the Health & Family Ed language.WSCC model video on CD...

Raising Fees for MO Businesses w/Lisa Pannett

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Privant Gifts & Grants with Lisa Pannett

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Missouri Representative Bill Hardwick

Bill Hardwick for MissouriJodi Grace Blog

Interstate Medical Compacts with Lisa Pannett

More details are on the blog at  Full text of SB 70, sponsored by Senator Travis Fitzwater.  This language also passed in Senator Rusty Black's SB 157.

Missouri State Senator Rick Brattin

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Presidential Primary Caucus Process with Bev Ehlen

Contact Miles Ross to find out contact information for your Republican County Central Committee Chair.  417.812.5078Contact your County Central Committee Chair to find...

Pastor Joe Nicola Interview

Learn more about Joe Nicola at NicolaForMo.comLearn more about Jodi Grace Ministries & subscribe to the blog at

Senator Mike Moon, The SAFE Act & Unconstitutional Legislation

Check out the blog at Missouri Constitution (PDF)The SAFE ActSB 70 by Senator Travis Fitzwater - multipurpose & unconstitutional bill passed in 2023

The Truth About Columbus

Check out the blog at www.jodigrace.comThe Founder's Bible

Health Freedom with Jennifer Barker from ICHMO

Jen's organization is Informed Health Choice Missouri. Check out their website and get connected!Jodi Grace blog is at for the Warrensburg e...

Protecting Our Kid's Data

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Data Is The New Oil

Check out the blog at Jodi and search for "data" for more information & resources.You can register for an Awakening at The Wall & see other events on our cal...

The Push Across the Nation

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Sustainable Development & Interstate Compacts

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Stay Focused, Ignore the Enemy & Protect the Constitution

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Let us Arise & Build!

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Angry Enemies & a Missouri Senate Overview

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Favor with the Pagan King & Process Problems

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Prayer Moments & The New Speaker

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Nehemiah's Prayer & House Rules History

Nehemiah & the House Rules

Learn more about us at  Come see us at an Awakening at The Wall event near you or reach out if you'd like for us to come to your area.

The House Speaker Rules

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Go & Steward Well

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Second Amendment Initiative Petitions

Jodi Grace Blog -

Abortion Petitions in Missouri

Jodi Grace BlogMissouri Secretary of State 2024 Initiative Petitions FiledTake Action:  1.  Subscribe & share  2. Reach out to your legislators and tell them to suppor...

Missouri Constitution Ratification & Abortion

Blog: out the blog for more details, maps and links.

Globalism in MO via House Constituent Services

Blog:, Inc: Constituent Management: simple instructions for contacti...

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