Arise & Build is a place for Missouri believers to gather for INSPIRATION, EDUCATION & ACTIVATION for the purpose of stewarding freedom across the state & building a resilient community. You'll be encouraged with the Word and equipped with practical tools to make a difference.

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Deep Dive into SB 727

Check out more details on the blog at downloadable flyer you can share is there along with links to the bill, and a letter from a Missouri attorn...

Goliath's Sons, Elections & Education

Check out the website & the blog for more info!  JodiGrace.comRegister to vote on the Secretary of State website & share the link with your friends and family.  It's e...

Gold & Silver Currency w/Patrick Holland

Check out the blog at for more details!

Happy Purim & Protecting MO's Private Schools

Check out more information on the blog at JodiGrace Ministries!Be sure to plan on coming to Jefferson City for the Call to the Capitols!

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